Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Copy Xbox 360 Games - In Less Than 5 Min.

Make perfect copies of all your Xbox and Xbox 360 games with a few clicks of your mouse. I Discover a program that actually works and is very easy to use.

NO Mod chip needed! - Games copies will play in ANY Xbox just like the original!

After trying a bunch of "free" programs that say you can burn copies all I ended up with is a pile of dead disks that didn't work. I download every version of free software I could find, plus other programs for compressing and fitting everything onto one disk and so on... sound familiar? Or worse yet ... try and follow some of the tutorials on forums.

Some of them actually appeared to work until I tried to play the copy. One was so corrupted it got stuck inside my console and I had to take it apart and manually remove it. I was pretty fed up and deleted all the programs I downloaded.

I finally broke down and bought QuickDVDCopy after reading a lot of good reviews on it. I could have saved myself a lot of time and aggravation if I had found it sooner. There software is worth every penny I paid for it. It does EXACTLY what they say it will.

Copy guard is no problem I can make an exact copy of any game in under 5 minutes! and they work every single time.

As soon as I get a new game now I make a copy and put the original away. So later if you scratch or step on a disk like I do you can just burn another copy from the original. The copy will play in any console just like the original. Plus if you own other game consoles like Wii or playstation their software will work for all of them Plus regular Dvd movies.

Plus as a bonus when you join QuickDVDCopy you get access to the downloads area. There are some pretty sweet games you can download for free. Setting up and using the software is really easy but there support is great if you ever need them.

Game Copy Pros Features:

- NTSC & PAL Compatibility
- DVD Dual Layer Support
- High Copying Speeds/No Lag
- Copy Xbox 360, Gamecube, PSP, PS1,PS2, PS3...
- Makes Blu-Ray, HD DVD backups
- FREE Updates
- FREE Technical Support 24/7
- FREE Bonuses - Unlimited Movie, MP3 , Wii and Xbox 360 Game Downloads

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Anonymous said...

Why is there comments on here are they getting deleted? Why does the sale price always say sale till midnight or whatever no matter what day you look at it?