Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Make Money Repairing Xbox 360’s – Get In On A Red Hot Business Opportunity

With, what seems like every other Xbox breaking down there is a huge demand for Xbox 360 repair. Why not cash in on the opportunity? After you repair your first one you will discover that they are pretty easy to repair. Not much different than your computer.

Microsoft charges $140 for a repair and it takes forever. I bet your friends will gladly pay you to fix there game console and get it back in half the time it would take them to send it in.

Once you get your confidence built up by getting a few repairs under your belt, place an add in the local paper and watch the phone start ringing off the hook.

This is exactly what I did and now have a nice little business going. I can repair most consoles in less than an hour now. Making some pretty good money doing it. My customers are very happy to pay me and have their Xbox back in working order.

The tools you need are pretty basic. You probably already have most of them in your toolbox. The rest you can pick up at any hardware store or Radio Shack. I even built up a stock of old parts from some very cheap non-working consoles I bought off of eBay.

Not to mention 80 percent of the broken consoles I bought off of eBay I ended up repairing. They sell as fast as I can fix them. Most of them were simple repairs. I cannot believe people sold them. Oh well their loss.

I love the look of the game console but the fact is they jammed too much electronics into such a small case causing a lot of breakdowns. Combine this with hours of steady game play and you end up getting the dreaded 3 ring of death error.

So once again if you are even slightly skilled with basic hand tools and get yourself a good repair guide you can not only repair your own game console but you can make some very good money doing it for others and you will be providing a much needed and valuable service.

Learn How To Do Repairs With This Easy To Follow Guide

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