Saturday, September 29, 2007

Xbox 360 Controller Repair - An Easy Fix

If you ever missed a shot because of a bad controller this will help. Do you have sticky or dead buttons on your Xbox 360 controller? With a few basic tools you can repair it yourself.

I just wanted to smash my controller last time I hit a button 3 times and nothing happened. I was going for my all time personal best too.

Here is how to get your controller working like new again. grab a Phillips screwdriver and flip your controller over. Remove the 7 screws holding it together. Flip it right side up again and carefully remove the top.

Remove all the buttons and rubber pads they are sitting on. It is a good idea to lay them out on the floor or table, what ever you are working on, in the same pattern as they go in your controller. Makes it easier when you are trying to figure out what color goes where. You could also draw yourself a diagram before you remove the buttons.

You can wash the rubber pads with soap and water. Take some rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab and clean the black contacts on the board. DO NOT try to remove the black paths just rub until the dirt comes off and the cotton swab is clean, may take a few times.

Make sure everything is completely clean and dry. Turn your top cover over and start replacing your buttons. They should be keyed so they can only go in one way. Next put the rubber pads back in place on top of the buttons.

Replace the bottom cover and the screws. Check your buttons to make sure none of them stick. Your Xbox 360 game controller should now work like new again and you will not have to press hard on the buttons to get them to work.

Game controllers are built different for different types of game consoles but this procedure will work to repair any game controller.

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Where do you get the torx drive to fit?