Saturday, September 29, 2007

How To Clean The Xbox 360

Xbox 360 consoles must be kept clean and free from grime to perform at optimal levels. Here are 4 quick steps on how to clean your Xbox 360 gaming console.

Step #1 - Turn Off Everything except Power Source

First, disconnect everything except the main power source used to open the disc tray. All openings, ports and sockets will be cleaned as well to maintain optimal performance levels.

Step #2 - Wipe Away All Dust & Grime

Get a soft towel, or use your care Kit and start wiping away all dust on the exterior of your Xbox 360.

That includes wiping away the vents, underneath the Hard Drive, and cleaning out all the power sockets & memory card slots.

Step #3 - Clean Out the Disc Tray

Next, wipe the disc tray clean, and remove grime & build up from the interior part of your Xbox 360. By touch up, I mean wipe away any dust particles visible, and use air to blow out hidden dust particles inside your Xbox 360 console.

Step #4 - Remove Game Disc Scratches As Well

If your game discs carry any scratches, use the soft cloth and scratch solution provided in the Xbox 360 Care Kit or a soft cloth & hydrogen peroxide to work at eliminating any disc scratches. Used games with scratches will cause damage to your Xbox 360 console over time.

If you want to prepare for further cleaning duties, please see my resource box to purchase your Xbox 360 Care Kit.

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