Sunday, September 30, 2007

Get Paid To Play Video Games

This sounds too good to be true. Ever wish you could get paid to play video games? I know I did. Now that would be a dream job wouldn't it? I know people really do get paid to play but I never knew how until now.

Well you can make it happen. Plus you can work at home.
The only requirements are you need to be 15 years old or over!
As a video game tester you will:
  • Get to play video games
  • Get paid to play video games
  • Get to play un- released versions before anyone else
  • Get FREE copies of video games and they are yours to keep
  • Get access to cheat codes,level secrets, and other bugs that only you and other game testers will know about!
  • Get real-world experience working with company departments and learn about the development, marketing, manufacturing, customer service, and testing phases of each game.
Here are 2 ways you can get started in just a few days...
Get the Game Testers Guide Here
Or Learn how to become a video game tester here.

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